Sunday, October 31, 2010

The new HE table

We started testing the game dynamics based on the new HE table.  A few changes from the old one, the most apparent being that we went for lower is better in order to conform to the suppression check roll.
EE: Eliminate 2 teams (if available)
ES: Eliminate 1 team, suppression check for whatever is left
E: Eliminate 1 team
S: Perform a suppression check
S-x: Perform a suppression check with a -x modifier

Target in cover: +1
Target ambushed: -1
Good Leader: -1
Short range fire: roll 2D6, count lowest die
Long range fire: roll 2D6, count highest die

Roll of 1: roll again, ambush if possible on a roll of 1-3, leader bonus applies

That's gonna be it for now, we'll start fleshing out some basic German and Us units in order to get the unit stats working, then we can test the new HE table over the next week or so

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