Monday, February 21, 2011

The perfect 10 mm storage

A sheet of magnetic material is glued into every 10 x 13 inch drawer (25 x 32 mm) adding up to almost a square meter (10 sq.ft.) of magnetic storage surface!

Now that more and more 10 mm troops are getting finished, I have been looking for some intelligent storage solutions.  I had been thinking about a drawer block like this for some time, but most had high drawers, which loses room.  I had seen this type with 10 drawers, each 20 mm high, and it looked like a good idea, but rather expensive: thses drawer units costs 95 Euro.  Imagine my joy when I found one with a slight damage, priced at only 10 Euro!  I have cut and glued in the magnetic sheet, and this cabinet will hold a lot of infantry!

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