S²OM - or Second Squad On Me - is a set of rules currently under development.  It aims to recreate small scale combat during World War II.  Land combat is the area which will receive most of the attention, with air and sea combat playing a supporting role at most. 

Land combat will be recreated using miniatures, that are moved across a playing table that features terrain, buildings and other relevant landmarks.  The authors use 10 mm miniatures, corresponding to an approximate scale of 1:160.  This also very roughly corresponds to the model railroad N gauge.  The rules can be used with other scales as well.

Units will be based on a stand.  Typically, this will be a small number of individual 10 mm military models representing soldiers from armies during WW2.  The main units of the game will be the leader, the fireteam, the squad, and the vehicle.  Larger hierarchical units will not be represented on one stand, but will be a collection of leader, fireteam and squad stands, completed by a headquarters, mortar and machine gun support, etc.

These rules are being developed by our local circle of wargamers.  It is a non-profit project of some ambition.