Sunday, October 31, 2010

The new HE table

We started testing the game dynamics based on the new HE table.  A few changes from the old one, the most apparent being that we went for lower is better in order to conform to the suppression check roll.
EE: Eliminate 2 teams (if available)
ES: Eliminate 1 team, suppression check for whatever is left
E: Eliminate 1 team
S: Perform a suppression check
S-x: Perform a suppression check with a -x modifier

Target in cover: +1
Target ambushed: -1
Good Leader: -1
Short range fire: roll 2D6, count lowest die
Long range fire: roll 2D6, count highest die

Roll of 1: roll again, ambush if possible on a roll of 1-3, leader bonus applies

That's gonna be it for now, we'll start fleshing out some basic German and Us units in order to get the unit stats working, then we can test the new HE table over the next week or so

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thinking about the die rolls

A game system.  For miniatures, often it is centered around tables, which dictate what can happen in the game world, and die rolls, which will determine what will happen at a given time.  Events that are not catered for in the tables will not take place, it's obvious enough.  Also, the choice of what die rolls are performed when will strongly influence what happens in a game.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some concept art for terrain

I'm always struggling with windows in 10 mm scale, so in order to have some guideline as to how the finished item should look, I did some research and drew a series of typical 40ies windows from Normandy, Belgium, and Germany.

I'm also working on some main terrain features to give a game table that je ne sais quoi feel.  Here are the initial drawings of a church I am planning to make.  AT the moment I think I am going to manufacture the main structure out of foam board.  We'll see where it goes from there.

Effects of HE Fire on infantry

While thinking about and working on my HE effect table, I realized that before I can finalize said table, or even do the maths for the dice rolls, I have to determine what the possible effects are, how they come to pass, and how they interact, if at all.
My initial idea was that units can break, and broken units that re-break take losses. Added to that, units can get suppressed. However, on second thought that seems a bit weird: incurring suppression and breaking are definitely related: it is the overdose of suppression that causes a unit to break. We also want a system that requires little bookkeeping, while still keeping the detail.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Prototype of the HE Fire Resolution table

One of the most important mechanics is going to be the fire resolution, of course.  We want a system that is simple and fast, yet that takes into account firepower, distance, cover, attacker quality, and type of fire.  That definitely means a table with modifiers.  This first version is a starting point, and we have made almost no statistics calculation so far, this table is just based on a hunch.

First Post! 10 mm bridgehead

These are my first steps in the 10 mm domain:  the first terrain finished that actually looks good enough not to throw into the bin straight away.  It still needs a bit of roughing up, and I'll improve the water once I start on my river beds, but for now it's the proud start.