Tuesday, December 7, 2010

German Tanks in version 0.1

Here is the Tank ID Card which will be used in game.  The player has a card for every type of combat vehicle in game.  The cards feature all relevant info needed in game: Tank name, main gun type, rate, penetration and ammo types, machine guns, armor on turret and hull front, side and rear, movement allowance, crew survival, and smoke availability.

And these are the tanks available at the outset.  Evidently, this list will grow, and more obscure vehicles will be features eventually, but these 5 offer a good starting point.

 PzKpfW IV F2/G (rare by D-Day)

 PzKpfW IV H/J (common)

 PzKpfW V G 'Panther' (quite common)

PzKpfW VI E 'Tiger' (quite rare)
PzKpfW VI 'Königstiger' (rare)

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