Monday, November 29, 2010

Pendraken 88 mm FLAK 36

I received all my pendraken stuff, so I'm unpacking everything and looking at putting it together, how to base etc.  This is the German 88 FLAK 36.  One of the things I had to do was bend up the tubes as illustrated below.
That way the barrel and the tubes run parallel.  This is how they go together.
Add the gunshield like this.  Careful, the opening in the gun shield is just a little to small, you have to make it bigger to allow for the tubes to come lower, if not the base will not fit properly.
I put it together and on a 40 x 50 base, that's ample room for the gun plus crew.  Bases are 0,6 mm galvanised steel, they are strong, thin and attracted by magnets!
You can also point it upwards, it's an anti aircraft gun after all.

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