Monday, November 1, 2010

Some thoughts on basing

Basically, the idea is to play on a scale of one base = one team or one squad.  After an afternoon of trying and messing about with bases, rules, and so on, things are becoming clear:  Although I would like the squad per base scale, there are some things to be said for team per base as well:
  1. Accurate representation: one base has 3 soldiers on it, being spot-on for a crew and not too bad for a 4-5 soldier team.
  2. Squad leaders can become independent leaders, which has been the idea from the outset.
  3. If a squad operates as one unit, they just remain in base contact, but in case of a loss one base can simply be removed.
The tests we have been doing seem to work well with this.  We have to decide whether we dump the squad - from a game mechanics point of view - which means version 3 of the HE table is coming up.  That's not too bad.
If we do dump the squad, it will be the number of NCO's that determine how many squads are actually in the game, be it 2 team squads, 3 team squads or 2 team plus support squads.

Considering the firepower of a team is 1, this means a lot of the rolling will take place on a column that cannot yield an 'eliminated' result.  So in team vs. team fire combat, all combat will be resolved by suppression.  When grenades, MG's and other small ordnance comes into play, this will change.  This is the next thing to test, once I return from my trip to Germany this week.

So in regard of all this, the base of choice would be the 20x20 base, with three soldiers, or a support weapon.  Leaders are based on a 1  Cent piece (the cheapest base known to man).  Headquarters could be based bigger, like 40x40, considering there will only be one or two in a game this scale.

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