Saturday, May 7, 2011

Presented changes after the 06/05 playtest

Kilian putting in his concealment counters

  1. Smoke: size, turn per turn evolution.  requires write-up for wind change and therefore weather.
  2. Post rout eliminiation: Routed unit that suffers one shot suppression > Q is eliminated
  3. Movement: first move routers (units that must move), then broken units (units that may move) before anything else
  4. Critical Hit: Mortar (and HE by extension) original DR of 2: Resolve infantry damage on HE caliber x2
  5. Close Combat: Write-up for Overrun and Charge.  Requires ATM, Mines, DC
  6. Rate of Fire: LMG -, MMG 1, Mortar 1, HMG 2
  7. Low on ammo: Original DR of 11 means Low on ammo.  Another original DR of 11 means Out of Ammo.  Support units disappear - absorbed by adjacent units without any game effect.  Units can replenish ammo by visiting HQ if available.
  8. Mechanical breakdown: Original DR of 12 means breakdown, requires a Q roll to repair during Rally Phase.  Original DR of 6 means broken down beyond repair - replace if needed.
  9. Self Rally: Broken units MAY attempt self rally.  Routed units MAY NOT.

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