Sunday, October 28, 2012

Current To Do List

After rereading the to-do list on basecamp, here's the items I'm going to be working on first.  After getting back into the project of course.

Miniatures that need to be finished:

Trucks and APC
6th German Paratroopers
German SS
US army troops

Gaming Aids we still need to improve game flow:

Quick Reference Sheet (in progress)
Fire tokens Rudy Boeynaems
Smoke tokens Rudy Boeynaems (demo version)
Movement tokens for vehicles (demo version)

SSOM Manual (CHAPTER - Subject)

UNITS - Heavy team: firegroup of rifle team and LMG/BAR team (2 teams)
UNITS - Heavy Squad: firegroup of 2 rifle teams and LMG/BAR team (3 teams)
COMBAT - Mines and minefields
COMBAT - Forward observer rules for artillery and mortars, also on board indirect fire
MOVEMENT - Infantry movement types and influence of terrain on movement
MOVEMENT  -Vehicular movement and influence on terrain
MOVEMENT  -Limbered artillery, troop transport, tank riders
GAMEPLAY  -Weather, wind, effects on smoke, fire
GAMEPLAY - Description of in game effect counters, dice, markers (secondary)

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