Monday, August 1, 2011

Close Combat Chapter finished

Preparing for a dual RuneQuest role play campaign absorbed a lot of my time lately (making terrain, painting new miniatures, writing scenario's and so on ), and so it has been quite a while since I advanced with the SSOM rules.  I have to press on and update the rules with all the remarks and feedback generated by the various playtests sessions, but it is a lot of work, even more so because I make a genuine effort to keep the structure of the manual intact: using styles and entering everything in such a way that generating indexes, footnotes, and table and illustration lists will be effortless.  This requires a lot of discipline and slows down writing considerably, although I am confident in the long run it will make the task as lot more manageable.
I finally finished the Close Combat chapter, that features rules for infantry close combat, ambushes, concealment and cover, tank overruns, infantry versus tank close combat, and more.  There is still a lot more to do, though.  Here is the current list of open items (Chapter in capitals) as far as the manual is concerned.

Heavy team: firegroup of rifle team and LMG/BAR team
Heavy Squad: firegroup of 2 rifle teams and LMG/BAR team
Mines and minefields

Forward observer rules for artillery and mortars, also on board indirect fire
Infantry movement types and influence of terrain on movement

Vehicular movement and influence on terrain

Limbered artillery, troop transport, tank riders
Weather, wind, effects on smoke, fire

Description of in game effect counters, dice, markers

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