Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More troops

I finished the preparation and priming of another platoon of US Airborne in Normandy clothing, as well as my first platoon (just about) or regular German Wehrmacht.  I have already painted the bases as well, but the pic is from yesterday, just wanted to post this before leaving for Luxembourg and Germany for 3 days.  As soon as the germans are finished, I start on a sampler of ordnance, and a few tanks, in order to be able to start the 'official play-testing' for SSOM. 

Two friends of mine and my son are going to be the initial test team, in order to thoroughly test what is being called the v0.1 rules.  These feature full rule chapters for infantry combat, ordnance use, and tank combat, as well as drafts for infantry vs armor and ordnance vs infantry.  The suppression system is in place, although not in stone yet.  I did some extensive simulating in excel yesterday, and ran every possible scenario for infantry vs infantry HE fire.  I think the balance is there.  There is an advantage in going for multiple lower firepower attacks, but only high firepower attacks can have Elimination as a result.  This will be an ongoing strategic decision for players, depending on terrain, leadership, attacker and defender troops morale, and the overall strategic situation on the table.

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